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21-Nov-2017 17:57

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Earlier this week, I interrupted a conversation that some of my designer colleagues were having about how much they disliked Microsoft Comic Sans, the font that many teachers use to “make learning fun.” Since I love conversations involving fonts, I had to jump in with some random fun facts, like this article about how Comic Sans may increase reading comprehension.

Then I mentioned how my first introduction to Comic Sans was my first introduction to online virtual worlds: the long-forgotten Microsoft Comic Chat, and Keely suggested that I write a blog post about it.“Good idea,” I said, scribbling a little to-do note into my notebook…While Microsoft’s Comic Sans was first introduced in 1995 as part of a Windows 95 Plus Pack, the font was more likely cemented into many people’s minds for one or two reasons: 1) well-meaning, yet not-necessarily-design-savvy educators, and 2) being selected as the default font in a new internet chat application called Microsoft Comic Chat.

I learned all about trolls and the importance of netiquette in this ‘Social Media 0.5’ world.

To this day, I still think Comic Chat is still one of the most unique and innovative software ideas I’ve come across. Most virtual worlds have avatars that you can move around in a virtual physical space.

It was the first time I truly saw the power of a connected, social internet, where people from around the world were expressing real thoughts, feelings, and insights.

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