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04-Aug-2017 08:15

To run an SSIS package on a Linux computer, do the following things: ODBC connections.

With SSIS on Linux CTP 2.1 Refresh and later, SSIS packages can use ODBC connections on Linux.

It's the logical groupings of data such as geographical location, customer or product information.

With Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCDs), data changes slowly rather than changing on a time-based, regular schedule.

We will use the conditional split function to determine if the ID is Null in the “Emp” table.If the row exists in the table and changes were made to the Excel file, changes will be updated in the database.Double-click Insert and Update Records and you are taken to the Data Flow tab.~Wikipedia There are different types of slowly changing dimensions: If the name of the supplier changes over time, as you can see in the change in Supplier Name below, the record will be updated.

This looks pretty simple to implement, though it does not have history to keep track on.In this article I am going to provide you the steps and guidance needed to manage Slowly Changing Dimension with Slowly Changing Dimension Transformation in data flow task with an example.