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a year ago, Bernie Kosar quietly made a call to Baltimore."I needed to see Art," the former Cleveland Browns quarterback said.

He meant Art Modell, the former owner of the Browns who moved the franchise to Baltimore after the 1995 season. No athlete when he's young or in his prime ever thinks it will end." But end it did. The money disappeared because of some family issues and some poor investments. "I was into a lot of Florida real estate," he added. She is an amazing person." Longaberger is helping Kosar get organized.

Should the mansion sell for its million price tag, it would smash the record price paid for a central Ohio home, which is currently held by a New Albany property that fetched just over million in 2010.

News surrounding Johnny Manziel hasn’t been great in recent times, and this story is no different.

Howard Hanna Real Estate Services is to team up with Christie’s Great Estates, the luxury real estate firm, in order to try and target possible interested parties.

Asked how long it might take to sell the home, Howard honestly said he couldn’t be sure.

Tami Longaberger stated in April 28 and May 29 resignation letters that CVSL cut her salary by 0,000, reduced her responsibilities, gave another executive authority over her and caused Longaberger to fail to pay taxes to several states, forcing some to seek payment from her personally.

She joined her father's company in 1984, became president in 1994 and led the basket-maker since her father died in 1999.

But the fact that he would mention it says two things about Kosar: 1) He is a very creative thinker and risk taker when it comes to football. Asked to discuss Kosar, Belichick responded with this e-mail: "I have always had a lot of respect for Bernie -- his football intelligence and passion for football. He runs faster than me." Kosar loves to play catch with his son, both pretending they are quarterbacks. "If one of us makes a bad throw or drops a pass -- usually, it's me -- then we later play a game called Gastineau. "I still talk to [former Denver Broncos quarterback] John Elway," he said. His last season as a pro was with Miami as a backup in 1996. Pain management Longaberger said one of the things she admires most about Kosar is "how he deals with pain, both emotional and physical. It was as if he were reading off his work schedule for the day -- no emotion, just a fact of life.i'll never understand why some browns fans continue to say ignorant things about bernie.

I know that Art thinks he can't come back [to Cleveland], so I went to Art." All Kosar ever did was make Modell a lot of money from 1985 to '93, when Kosar quarterbacked the Browns. He sees the world not through the eyes of the confident quarterback, but from the perspective of a man who knows life can be hard. "I knew it would happen, but I never thought it would, you know what I mean? "I know how to make money, and I know how to spend money," he said. Longaberger is publishing a business book called "Weaving Dreams" this month, and she has been on the board of trustees at Ohio State. Kosar recently was in Columbus for The Bee, a sales convention for the Longaberger Co. He also seemed very content in the role, as this was his second Longaberger convention. He has a hard time being mad at those who haven't been nice to him. He developed a good relationship with Brian [Daboll]. I have stopped making long-term plans because I have learned how it all can change. I really am content where I am right now." I love BK when he is calling the game.

To this day, Browns fans are stunned then-coach Bill Belichick cut Kosar in the middle of the 1993 season. "Bernie is a person who is honest and has the courage to express his opinions," Longaberger said. It's not in his heart to hold grudges." Friends with Belichick Which brings us to Belichick. He is totally honest, a guy you can trust." Mangini attended some of the Gladiators' Arena League games, as Kosar is a consultant for that team. "We still talk on the phone, and we'll see how it works this season." Kosar said he's open to whatever role the new front office would have for him. "I'm 46, in the second half of my life," he said. How many times have we heard him say;"They should just throw that play out, it never works""Your going to have to do better than that if you want to make it in this league". How many times have we heard him say;"They should just throw that play out, it never works""Your going to have to do better than that if you want to make it in this league". How many times have we heard him say;"They should just throw that play out, it never works""Your going to have to do better than that if you want to make it in this league".

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